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Mireia said:
Thursday, 30 Aug 2012
I have experience as an International Area Manager for different sectors other than retail and am now working in retail marketing for a consulting company. I find retail fascinating and would like to further develop my career in this area -your website seems to have plenty of information and useful tips on this regard. Thank you for such good work!
Md. Alamgir said:
Monday, 1 Nov 2010
I am highly interested to know about retail sector such as: rights, responsibilities and limitations of the retailers, team members of the retail management, sales assistants and the retail customers.It will be highly appreciated if you can provide me a handout for the same. Thanks.
Musa Ahmad said:
Friday, 22 Oct 2010
A very usefull and informative and easy to use site for anyone willing to get a startup in retail carreer, especially for students. A very helpful site for producing a good and effective CV.
Kirsty said:
Monday, 3 May 2010
I'd really like to know what's ahead of me in a fashion/retail job.
Kerry said:
Saturday, 13 Mar 2010
Very informative information that was given about retail many thanks miss kerry mayes from leicester
Carole said:
Tuesday, 15 Dec 2009
Useful site for students who are undertaking HND or BTEC courses in Retail Management. Casestudies and informatin available will certainly aid their research for assessment purposes. Delivered in an easy to read style and on a manageable page lay out.
Carl said:
Friday, 14 Aug 2009
Wonderfull web site!
Lydia said:
Saturday, 18 Apr 2009
A very informative website.
Anthony said:
Monday, 9 Mar 2009
Very helpfully site easy to use